The Xero Programme

Multi-Faceted Fat Attack

The Xero Programme targets specific areas to reduce fat and reshape your body in a double-edged attack on excess body fat:
• Accelerates natural fat burn using innovative, advanced technology
• Ensures your body is in an optimal state of metabolism to burn fat more efficiently

You will see measurable results after each treatment, and at the end of the programme your body will be transformed into a leaner, healthier physique.

No restrictive diets. No surgery. No excessive exercise.

Rooted in years of scientific research, Xero technology is clinically proven to be:

• Safe • Painless • Without side effects


Xero Lipo incorporates advanced technology to reduce fat cells, stimulate muscle to burn fat, eliminate fat from the body by boosting metabolism & tighten skin for a firmer physique.

See The Results

You can achieve an inch off your waist immediately after treatment. The full 3 week programme can achieve transformational results both in shape, lifefestyle and overall health.

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