The complete platform for non-surgical fat reduction. Xero Lipo is the latest generation in Non-Surgical Biostimulatory accelerated targeted fat reduction.


  • 1: Advanced body analysis to record and measure results
  • 2: Biostimulation reduction of fat cells
  • 3: Neuromuscular stimulation for maximum fat burn
  • 4: Multipolar RF skin tightening – firmer, leaner physique


See the results…

This patient lost 1 inch after the first treatment – Total of 4 inches loss over 4 weeks – Without restrictive diet, excessive exercise or side effects

What Xero patients say…

“The treatment was pain free and easy, I lost 14cm across my stomach! And I very much enjoyed getting into a fitness regime which has made me think about my health and wanting to continue to keep fit.”
Kin (Chiswick)

What the Doctors say…

“What I like about Xero is that it is both safe and effective, with immediate and long terms results & it is very popular with patients”
Dr Nikolaos Metaxotos MD, PhD
Plastic Surgeon: Symmetria Clinics

Watch Xero in action

See the Xero Lipo team in action on stand at Olympia Beauty, London. Xero has received a great reception from patients, doctors, aestheticians & physicians from all over the world… from London, Wales, Japan, US and Portugal.

Xero Lipo Reviewed

“I went in unbelievably sceptical of the treatment and not being overly convinced that the results the clinic said they could offer were realistic. Even so, I went to all 8 sessions, endured the ‘contraction’ part of the treatment at a 50% intensity (the highest they allow it to go) and after 2 1/2 weeks I left with better results then I could ever have imagined!”
Kaiyley : Read the full review >


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0% interest & finance options available, from only £585 per month! Benefits of Xero Lipo include:
• Most advanced non surgical technology
• Industry leading training programme
• Outstanding customer satisfaction
• Concierge marketing support and training
• Free warranty and service support 24/7
• Low capital investment
• No lease obligation or interest payments
• Highly profitable addition to your business

Xero Technology

Xero incorporates advanced technology to reduce fat cells, stimulate muscle to burn fat, eliminate fat from the body by boosting metabolism & tighten skin for a firmer physique.

See The Results

You can achieve an inch off your waist immediately after treatment. The full 3 week programme can achieve transformational results both in shape, lifefestyle and overall health.

Business Support

We want your Xero business to succeed – we have a team of dedicated and experienced marketing experts to provide you with digital marketing & business assistance.