Why the Aesthetic Clinic will be the “New Gym” in 2017

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Are you planning to hit the gym hard after the Christmas holidays? Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to work with a personal trainer to shift that excess belly fat? Maybe you’ve created a “foolproof” diet plan which will transform you into a lean, mean, fat-free machine?

(Model Arleta on Track : Photographer accreditation to Mike Garnell Photography)

It’s great to start healthy new initiatives, but in 2017 the hottest place to reduce fat isn’t the gym or even the kitchen – it’s the aesthetic clinic. Leaps in aesthetic technology have made laser and neuromuscular stimulation a convenient, effective form of fat reduction & next year’s weight loss revolution.Here’s why…

The truth about dieting and exercise

We all know that a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are key to our health, fitness and happiness, but everybody’s metabolism is different. With so many different bodies and physical types out there, what earns one HIIT devotee washboard abs, will leave another with the same tummy as before. Ultimately, exercise alone is a very inefficient way to burn fats, while diets are frequently unsustainable.

The problem with the solutions

With that said, there are many brilliant fitness and dietary professionals out there. Yet diet and exercise can still be a tough route to the perfect body. From diet pills which jeopardise your health and yo-yo diets which result in binge eating and frustration, to exercise regimes which suck up all of your free time and leave you low on energy, intense regimes are not a perfect solution.

That’s why Xero Lipo is set to become 2017’s game changing fat reduction option.

The game-changer

Employing medical grade technology and generating clinically proven results, Xero Lipo uses laser, neuromuscular stimulation, radiofrequency and 3D body scanning to dramatically and painlessly reduce fat, even in stubborn areas, with absolutely no invasive procedures.

The technology performs four key functions, each helping clients to monitor their fat loss and see visible results:
  • Biostimulatory laser fat cell reduction to shrink and release excess fat cells
  • Neuromuscular stimulation to tone muscles and increase the metabolism to burn fat faster
  • Multipolar radiofrequency to tighten and firm skin
  • Intelligent body analysis to show clients exactly what progress they’re making and to pinpoint problem areas

Even fitness coaches and dieticians have been impressed by the centimetres this technology has helped their clients shed. Here’s what personal trainer Arleta Waszczynska known in the industry as ArletaOnTrack had to say about Xero Lipo:

“I had a super interesting day at West London Dermatology Clinic in Chiswick today. I witnessed how you can lose few centimetres in your waistline doing literally nothing using laser neuromuscular stimulation and 3D body scan – a jaw dropping feature!”

(Model Arleta on Track : Photographer accreditation to Terence Choi Photograph)

And it’s not just fitness gurus who are advocating this new technology. Medical professionals are also taking note of the potential of Xero Lipo when it comes to helping clients achieve their own, personal body goals. According to Dr Nikolaos Metaxotos: “Xero is both safe and effective, with immediate and long term results.”

(Dr Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD Photography site reference World Of Women Now)

If you would like to book in for your Xero Lipo session or are a physician looking to set up a Xero Lipo system at your clinic or MediSpa contact us on 0800 038 5580 and our team will direct your enquiry.