Aesthetics : New Equipment Investments for 2017

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1. Why is it so important for businesses to stay ahead of the game and introduce new equipment?

One of our favourite quotes is “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”John F. Kennedy

At Cosmeditech we know this is true that’s why we have created a brand new aesthetic tech programme that has medical grade technology and clinically trialled and proven results. After extensive market research we understand the needs of some of the leading clinics and medi- spas core clients when it comes to fat/ weight loss needs. We understand the biggest success blockers that are often time to exercise, poor information on diet and nutrition, even excessive exercise or fad diets. The feelings of dissatisfaction of being mis-sold lower end technology programmes as cheaper prices with no results. Or high end regimented exercise programmes with unrealistic time constraints and high-end price tags.

Your clients simply want something that delivers on it’s promises where they can see instant results and trust the advice and support so that they are inspired to keep better lifestyle choices and visit your clinic more frequently as it makes them feel great!

Your clients look for a newer more exciting alternative all the time. They get excited or intrigued by new technology. So to be part of that front line with all the scientific. medical knowledge, experience and results is vital to your business reputation and continued growth.

With companies growing fat as their clients get slim is it any surprise that the diet and fitness industry is looking at a global value is expected to reach £220billion by 2017. Xero Lipo understand that this market is only going from strength to strength, we advocate body confidence and healthier living choices. We have launched Xero Lipo at the right time so that your New Year business drive is clear and focused towards business success.

2. What are your top tips / expert advice on what to consider when choosing new systems?

Do your research, request clinical trials and case studies.

Trial the product yourself. Check if you are happy with the results to see if they would be good enough for any client of yours. Always focus on quality and longevity, how will this brand support your business drive.