Beyond Smart Lasers, Beyond Laser Lipo

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Discover the latest revolution in non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction

Xero Lipo’s targeted, accelerated fat reduction programme can achieve results which surpass those of smart lasers and laser lipo, using a smart blend of the latest technologies to achieve amazing results for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Beyond dieting

Whether working towards a more toned body is your New Year’s resolution, or you want slim down your figure for a summer holiday, Xero Lipo is a clinically proven system which can help you cut inches from problem areas without severe dieting or radical lifestyle changes.

While restrictive diets are impossible to maintain permanently and often trigger the preservation of fat stores while reducing the power of your metabolism and the fat-burning abilities of your muscles, the Xero Lipo programme does things differently. This system focuses on healthy, sustainable and enjoyable nutrition, in combination with the very best laser lipo technology which triggers the release of fat cells while stimulating your metabolism – that means visible fat reduction without restrictive dieting.

Beyond smart lasers

The technology which forms the basis of the Xero Lipo programme exceeds the capabilities of its forerunners. Created by the engineers behind the original i-Lipo laser system, this brand new, clinically proven technology uses dual wave low level laser technology to specifically target problem, fatty areas, stimulating the release of fatty acids and glycerol to reduce fat and help you achieve a more streamlined, toned physique.

So, how does it work?

Each 40 minute Xero Lipo treatment session combines three technologies to combat visible body fat:

Biostimulatory laser fat cell reduction

This laser emits low levels of completely safe laser energy which delivers a chemical signal to fat cells, triggering them to break down stored fat (triglycerides) into free fatty acids which can then be burned up by the body, especially when combined with exercise.

Neuromuscular stimulation

This technique tones muscles and burns fat faster, increasing your metabolism to help eliminate the “released” fat from the body.

Multipolar radiofrequency

This final step helps improve skin tightness, helping you achieve a firmer, leaner and more toned looking physique.

These steps are delivered non-surgically and non-invasively during a completely painless session. The lasers are applied to your chosen areas of stubborn fat via comfortable laser pads. After your session, there is absolutely zero pain or discomfort, leaving you ready to go about your day, while achieving impressive, visible fat reduction.

Would you like to find out more about how Xero Lipo takes laser lipo a step further? Find out how many inches you could lose by locating your local Xero Lipo centre online. Or click to arrange a complimentary trial at your clinic or spa today